ABS showed the value of lending approved for housing

The figures were no surprise – corroborating more timely data from private sector sources.
RP Data’s survey of home sale prices showed an average annual rise of 10.1 per cent for the five mainland state capitals, ranging from 2.2 per cent in Adelaide to 14.2 per cent in Sydney.


Wells Fargo handle mortgages


The acquisition “provides Heartland with the product capability to meet the needs of the 65-plus demographic, which mortgage calculator is a growing demographic and is typified by those with the majority of their personal wealth tied up in their primary residential dwelling,” the bank said in a statement.

Under the deal, Heartland would acquire Sentinel New Zealand, the nation’s biggest HER mortgage home loan calculator ¬†provider with about 4,050 loans, and Australian Seniors Finance, which has 20 per cent of that market and 4,250 loans.

The aggregate value is about $NZ760m including $NZ30.5m of HER loans mortgage repayment calculator  bought by Heartland last December.